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The Harvest Treats™ is a membership program for our valued customers. As a member, you’ll receive exclusive benefits and other delightful surprises! Whether you purchase a pack of macarons for a me-time indulgence or a huge square of cake for a birthday party, we always have the Treats for you.


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Joining is quick, easy and free.

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  • Earn Treat with Every Visit

    Earn Treat with Every Visit

    Every purchase at The Harvest, The Harvest Express, or The Harvest's Website will earn you Treat Points to be redeemed into Rewards.

  • Get Personalized Gifts

    Get Personalized Gifts

    Receive exclusive offers and amazing perks, crafted to fit your specific preferences.

  • Unlock More Surprises

    Unlock More Surprises

    The more Treat Points you earn, the more Rewards you will unlock, from e-coupons, special prices, to exciting events invitation

Why Joining ?
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Pick Your Treat.

It's on us.

Feast your imagination with these scrumptious Rewards you can enjoy, for free. It might be a cup of morning coffee, a sliced cake for dessert, or a sweet surprise on your birthday!

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